Posted on: July 28, 2010 3:48 am
Edited on: July 28, 2010 3:53 am

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Though it has been awhile back, I would like to reflect on the best highlight I saw in the NBA playoffs. Many people may have not been or aware of even saw it happen, because well, it was actually after the game. The game was game 6 featuring the Lakers vs. Thunder. This was probably the Lakers toughest 6 game or playoff series they had on their way to the Championship. In the last minute of play and for the entire 4th for that matter it was Laker lead by 8, OKC by 8, Lakers by 2, 3 pointer by OKC they lead by 1, Kobe answers, OKC answers and you get the picture. You could of said at least 10 times for either team "This game is over." But, it ended up coming down to the miracle tip on the Kobe miss as time expired that won it. That actually came after the "Durant game winner shot." Keep in mind they were playing in Oklahoma City in their first ever playoffs in pro sports history. Kobe hits the game winning shot and there is the expected "AHHH! NOOOO! But, then something strange happened. The crowd began cheering louder than ever. Not one person was headed to the parking lot. Every person in the building was on their feet and applauding not the Lakers, but the Thunder. Kobe was on floor giving encouragement to future NBA stars instead of celebrating and even gave respects to the Thunder after the game not the usual well I, me, and well we Kobe speech but a "Damn, Im not looking forward to these guys in the coming years." speech. But, the ovation given by the fans, I have to admit was pretty special to see. Its something not seen much in sports these days. Look at the NHL Detroit loss to the Penguins in the Stanley Cup final in Detroit. Ya, the Detroit fans all remained in the stands for 30 minutes, but it was to do nothing but boo the entire championship presentation. So seeing that happen in Oklahoma City really sent chills through the body and made me say, "Damn, that is freaking awesome!"
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