Posted on: November 5, 2012 11:42 pm

Thoughts and opinions: The misconception of Jeter

Thoughts and opinions: The misconception of Jeter

November 5, 2012 11:38 pm
I hear it almost every year going into a season and every time his name is brought up in the GOAT (greatest of all time) conversation, Jeter is not an elite defender, Jeter is overrated on defense, Jeters ill-gotten Gold Glove awards, you get the picture. Yet, slowly and consistantly, Jeter has collected stats and made plays both offensively and defensivly, that beg the argument is the greatest SS of all time? Is he the greatest player of the modern era? Whether you like/hate the Yankees or Jeter, the stats on paper are there and all the big clutch hits and highlight reel plays in some of the biggest games are all there to make the argument. So that leads me to the common misconception of Jeter that many people against putting Jeter in that GOAT category always try to make. Jeter is bad and/or overatted in the field. Wagner aside (completely different era/game/level of competition) lets look at some of the greatest SS's of all time and compare.

Derek Jeter   .976 Fielding % 241 errors 24 most made in single season. 18 seasons
Ozzie Smith   .978 Fielding % 281 errors 25 most made in single season. 19 Seasons
Cal Ripken Jr .979 Fielding % 225 errors 26 (2x) most made in single season. 17 seasons ar SS
Barry Larkin   .975 Fielding % 235 errors 29 most made in single season.19 seasons

Compared to what most consider the greatest SS's in the field, Jeter is right there and even better that some. Fielding % is within 2 one thousandths of what some say is the greatest SS defensively all time and has almost 40 less errors. What separates Jeter from the rest of the field are the clutch/improbable big plays and some made in the most dire times

Now knowing how Jeter stats match up against some of the GOAT's, do you still feel Jeter is overrated"
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